How often can I use my PIZZycle?

Our reusable pizza box PIZZycle can be reused hundreds of times. Treat it with care to make it last a lifetime.

Can I use PIZZycle at home?

Our sustainable pizza packaging is not only perfect for purchased pizza, but also for homemade creations as well as containing leftovers to store. 

In which restaurants can I use PIZZycle?

If the pizza place isn't offering PIZZycles already, you can bring your own or introduce them to PIZZycle. Hopefully, they'll start offering PIZZycles as well.

Can I buy PIZZycle at my local retail store?

Currently, we are only available online and in different restaurants all around the world. You can find out which ones, by checking out our reuse- partners' apps, like VYTAL or PYXO.  

Why is PIZZycle more sustainable than cardboard boxes?

What most people do not know is that grease and sauce residues make it impossible to recycle the cardboard and cause considerable damage to recycling machines. The production and recycling of these packages, which are single- use according to its name, is very resource- and greenhouse gas- intensive.

Why a round Pizzabox?

By following a pizzas natural shape, we decided to create a round pizza box. The aim was to only use material when it's needed and create a minimalistic and functional product.

What is the best pizza for a PIZZycle?

Our designer Marlene prefers a spinach and gorgonzola pizza, whereas Filip sticks to sardines and carpers. Tastes differ, therefore, find out for yourself which pizza you prefer to eat in your PIZZycle and let us know through your social media. You can even put a pinsa as well as burrata inside your sustainable pizza packaging.

Can I use PIZZycle for other foods?

Although PIZZycle was originally designed for pizza, we increasingly receive stories from convinced consumers who use PIZZycles for all kinds of different pastries and even sushi.

Can I become a brand- ambassador for PIZZycle?

If you are a passionate member of our sustainable pizza community, we are happy to get in contact with you. You can easily reach out to as through our Instagram as well as Moreover, support us by telling local pizza shops about our innovative and sustainable pizza packaging.

Do you have open job position?

We're always on the lookout for creative and motivated individuals to join our team. Feel free to reach out and send us your applications via

What sizes of PIZZycles are available?

PIZZycles can fit any pizza that has a diameter of 33 cm / 13 inches or smaller. We are also working on different sizes that we will offer in the future.

How many PIZZycles do I need as a company?

Through long experience and communication with our partners, we can say that most serve 10- 20% if their pizzas in PIZZycle, as usually a PIZZycle is returned every 14 days. Therefore, we recommend 250- 600 PIZZycles per restaurant according to the number of pizzas being sold.

Is PIZZycle fully customizable?

For our business customers we offer the possibility to get customized pizza box containers. PIZZycles' big surface area is the ideal space for your individualized prints or logos. Additionally you can get PIZZycles in any color you like.

How do I become a distributor for PIZZycle?

If you're thinking about becoming a distributor for the worlds' first reusable round pizza box, feel free to reach out to

Why should I choose PIZZycle?

If our cool website, innovate design and heartfelt brand identity have not convinced you yet, we definitely emphasize the great impact for our environment. The purchase of PIZZycle promotes our common path to a more sustainable future, for the benefit of our planet.

Hopefully we could answer all of your burning questions. If not, feel free to message us: