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PIZZycle sustainable packaging close up

PIZZycle is the first reusable and closeable pizza box and a big step towards a more sustainable food packaging industry.

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PIZZycle is composed of two identical, round plates, following the outline of a pizza. Through its distinct shape, PIZZycle can be carried easily, cleaned in the dishwasher and stored efficiently. The innovative lock-mechanism enables users to open and close the parts intuitively. Due to the extremely durable, scratch- and heat-resistant material we chose, PIZZycle can be used several hundred times. The best part about it: PIZZycle is 100 % recyclable. 


In contrast, common cardboard boxes are NOT recyclable, as the food residue is inseparable from the material and would harm the paper recycling machines. When disposed of correctly they end up burned or in landfill. Not only do cardboard boxes generate tremendous amounts of waste, they also expend plenty of resources and energy, time after time.

tomaten Illustration nachhaltig sustainability

For now, PIZZycle fits any pizza smaller than 33cm (13 inches) diameter. Other sizes will follow in the near future. 

The hight inside the box is at 4.4cm (1.73 inches). 

In a nutshell, why does the world need PIZZycle?

  • lowers environmental impact

  • offers a unique “carry and close” experience

  • lowers costs for pizzaiolos

  • the world's most innovative reusable packaging

  • great for storing pizza leftovers at home


Be part of the change!

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PIZZycle side profile black rendering
Stabilisor for functionality of reusable durable packaging sustainability
Stacking bar of green take-away box pizzycle
PIZZycle Rendering black top
PIZZycle rendering grey bottom



Lock reusable pizza box verschluss verpackung

Nominated for/ Featured by/ Exhibited at:

Green Concept Award Nominee GPA 2021
Yanko Design Feature
Bundespreis ecodesign ausstellung exhibition
greendesign_ Logo feature platform design
HfG Offenbach design university
Trendhunter feature
GEO podcast wer wird visionär*in magazin
Dutch Design Week 2021 exhibition
Scotts Pizza Tours features PIZZycle
Stuttgarter Zeitung features PIZZycle
PMQ Pizza Media features PIZZycle
Frankfurt Journal - Genussmagazin features PIZZycle
Hr Fernsehen - ARD Mediathek features PIZZycle
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