As the creators of PIZZycle, a reusable pizza box, we are thrilled to see one of our first customers, LA Signorina, a pizzeria located in Stuttgart, Germany, taking sustainable practices to the next level. By fully implementing our solution and no longer offering single-use cardboard boxes, they are not only reducing the amount of waste produced by their business, but they are also setting an example for others to follow.


LA Signorina is a family-owned pizzeria that has been serving authentic Italian pizzas to the Stuttgart community for over a decade. The owner Martina Schneider, brought her experience working in Italy and brings the flavors and traditions of Italy to the pizzas she serves. The pizzeria is known for its use of high-quality ingredients, homemade dough and sauces, and traditional pizza-making techniques.


Since April 2022, LA Signorina has been one of the first customers to adopt PIZZycle and we are impressed by the positive impact it has had on their business. The pizzeria used to go through thousands of single-use cardboard boxes every month, but now with PIZZycle they have been able to drastically reduce that number. This not only helps to reduce their environmental footprint, but it also saves them money in the long run by not having to continuously purchase single-use cardboard boxes.


We believe that PIZZycle not only helps to reduce waste, but also provides customers with a more sustainable option for their pizza. We are proud to see our product creating awareness about the importance of reducing waste and protecting the environment. It's also great to see that LA Signorina's customers are happy to have a more eco-friendly option available and are proud to support a business that is actively working to make a positive impact on the environment.


Furthermore, LA Signorina is not only making a change with PIZZycle, but they also take other steps to reduce their environmental impact. They use eco-friendly cleaning products and have implemented a recycling program for their used cooking oil. They also have a program for collecting PIZZycles from customers and bringing them back to the pizzeria for cleaning and sanitizing before reusing them. This not only helps to reduce waste but also promotes a circular economy and encourages customer participation in sustainability efforts.


As PIZZycle, we are proud to work with LA Signorina and to see the positive impact that our product has had on their business and the environment. We are now working with hundreds of pizza restaurants worldwide, helping them to reduce waste and become more sustainable in their operations. We believe that every small step towards sustainability counts and we are committed to providing our customers with eco-friendly solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and easy to implement. We hope that more and more pizzerias will follow LA Signorina's example and make the switch to PIZZycle, for the benefit of our planet and future generations.

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